Monday, June 7, 2010

"Who Is Nola Darling?"

Nola Darling

Jaq(left) and Alex(right), two ladies with
impeccable style and talent make up a
duo called
Nola Darling. They have strong
lyrical and singing capabilities. The two met
while attending NYU. Both are from
two different sides of the country but
manage to fuse together a sound that works
for anyone regardless of where they're from.
Nola Darling has been featured on and
in Complex magazine.

Nola Darling is an unforgettable pair.
They make the kind of music that you want to
hear. Music that holds your attention and
forces you to listen without telling you too. In
this time of few female emcees in the mainstream
its nice to be able to find two young women
that have a have sex-appeal while
maintaining class. Their music gives the
world a
realistic and witty female perspective
on things.

Nola Darling has a "mini-mixtape" called
Pretty Gritty mini-mixtape. As you listen to one
song you will excitedly anticipate hearing the next
one. They have a true
variety in their beats
they chose for the mini mixtape



  1. Feeling their style and you KNOW I'm digging the name. I love the fact that they BOTH rap and sing. Def. will be adding them to my music catalog.

  2. I know, aren't they

    I love love their name
    u know our connection to it
    [#movienight] lol Nola Darling
    was badddd!![the good bad]