Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Film Review: Medicine for Melancholy

Medicine for Melancholy

Medicine for Melancholy is a film directed and
written by Barry Jenkins. The film chronicles
a day spent between characters Jo(Tracey heggins)
and Micah(Wyatt Cenac) after a one night stand.

(Writer and director Barry Jenkins)

The film exposes diverse thoughts on race, class, and
culture among black americans today that happen
to live and think outside of the stereotypical ideals
that many have about black americans, particularly
in San Fransico. The two discuss interracial dating,
gentrification, and how the "indie" subculture of
San Fransico, California affects those of color.

The most refreshing thing about this film was that
it gave the viewer an insight into the lives of black-
americans that do not follow the "status-quo". The
characters were intellectual while maintaining
relatable qualities. They barely knew each other but
were able to discuss things that most are unable to
speak about with people they have known for years.
The movie wasn't to short or too long. I felt satisfied
after watching it. Its actually one of my new favorite
movies. The music that was played throughout the
film was amazing, I don't have any of the songs but I
found out on a website that one of the songs(which I
love by the way) is called "Through the Backyards" by
Au Revoir Simone. If this film ever comes out with a
soundtrack I will definitely buy it. This film is a
must see...you wont be disappointed.



  1. Ive been wanting to see this movie since I saw the trailer a while back. Interesting :D

  2. I would love to see this.. Where would I get a copy???

  3. hey I believe you
    can purchase it from
    amazon...or directly from
    the movie website...ill
    send u a link

  4. I have been looking for a movie that was insightful like this one. Thanks for the recommendation!